Let’s swerve the Michael Jackson way- Monochrome style

1 May

There are times when i miss being in front of the lens. But there are many more times when i don’t regret missing the best of moments in front of me because i am photographing them. At Detour 2009 (my college’s annual BMM fest), the very-very-amateur-photographer-me loved every moment of the impromptu  dance done by one of my seniors in college. It was a tribute to the great Michael Jackson who met an untimely death earlier that year on June 25, 2009. I never saw Michael Jackson, may never do. But this dance sure livened up everyone present in the audience and loved every bit of it. That night, everyone present in the audience hoped to dance like that, it was Michael again. Very close to Michael anyways.

My Monochrome photograph tribute to Michael Jackson:  BEAT IT

O, let me walk outta the frame, HOO HOOO! 


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