A Letter to Soul, just any Soul

20 Apr

Working hard is good. Who doesn’t like to work hard? That’s the way you earn, get to enjoy life, trying to find a purpose in life. Fun is important too. But it goes beyond the saying- all work and no play make jack a dull boy. I think this line is such a cliche. Because you and I are not Jack, we are individuals. Distinct. Separate. Unique.

Each being is different. But people next to us, people around us regularly tend to forget this crucial fact as if it’s no more than another cliche, among millions of cliche’s around them. In the grind of the daily struggle called life, people forget themselves. People tend to forget their identity, needs, and slowly tend to ignore the small things that bring them happiness in small ways. If that happens, we can hardly blame others who take us for granted. In that case, even if there is free time it feels like as if we are lying useless doing nothing, the feeling of not doing anything makes jack dull even more. Moreover, it turns individuals into the cliche jack. The cliche jack is an even more dangerous phenomenon because this jack has an extreme either-or tendency. This jack can can only feel dullness and joy.

Both these feelings do not fulfill a person’s desires which are above such emotions. A person is most fulfilled when he is contented. Again, a person may be content with what he/she has, but still not joyous about the fact. In fact, he/she may feel dull about it.

If one is feeling dull, they usually try to find happiness inside, motivate and elevate their self from the negativity induced by others. This feeling should last long and should be adopted in character. Positive feelings should be retained.

There is a saying- one should never look back after final goodbyes are said. If you look back, there is a chance that it will be difficult to get out of that phase in your life. That phase could have been good or bad, i don’t know, depends. I don’t know if this saying is true but i also feel that one should look back if they need to reflect. Also, it is important to get out of the lull of the past, because it’s gone and irrevocable and also separates us from the present. It’s a thine membrane that separates past and the present, nevertheless it is important to reconnect with the present. The future is waiting, of course.

Life is beautiful, enjoy it and please don't take yourself for granted.


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