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Image editing- boon or bane?

11 Apr

One can choose to abstain or embrace change. Technology has great relevance in this regard. I have come across many amateur photographers like me who are averse to using image editing softwares. many are of the opinion that image editing is  manipulating the photograph, to make it more sale able or interfering with the original. Over the years I have figured out that this is more due to ill understanding and visually complex nature of the softwares and lack of training. Training in such softwares is best done by persons by themselves- trial and error is arguably the best form of learning. Mental blocks – i-can’t-do-it attitude never helps.

Following is my attempt at image editing:

Picture 1: Original baby photograph. The photograph is shaky. There are other anomalies like exposure and brightness are not up to the mark. The innocence of the baby is not emphasized enough and hence needs development.

Trial and error: I recently came across Google Apps – BeFunky photo effects. This effect called under painting was by far most suitable but still did not give me the effect desires. The lined are far too dark and instead takes away the softness associated with the original image.

The final Cut: This diffused glow effect called Orton style #1 added the desired glow, gave it a fairytale look that I wanted.

The only problem with Goggle Apps is that the final image’s resolution is not the same as the original uploaded one. So if one desired to make larger prints, will be disappointed.

Experimentation is the key with image editing. It does not matter what software is used. It is important to have the blue print of the desired effect in mind.


Ego Wars- the path to salvation?

26 Feb

Call  it Kalyug. Call it 21st century.  Nostradamus may have predicted the world’s death in 2012, but does evil really die ? Did Nostradamus have any idea about the biggest ongoing war of all? He predicted 9/ll, or so they say he did, I do not know. But there is a mental war that is creating chaos all over the world, even as this is being written. The war of all egos. 600 crore people on the last predicted count, the world has 12 billion eyes. Technically, there should be 600 crore hearts. But alas, there are not.

I have felt to a large extent, that this trend of ego wars is causing more fires, attacks, murders, crime, hate than any disease or motive. Look around you, is everybody around you well meaning? Salvaging one’s ego at the expense of causing others hurt is no less than an achievement for people. People ignore calls to feel important. People don’t reply to messages to feel pride. People spread prejudice against others. You may ask why? Very simple. Doing this, they get a good peaceful night’s sleep. Knowing that somebody else is in trouble, it pacifies them. You may think i am a negative person but i feel around me a sense of negativity spread by people. And what more, they trouble you, they hate you, they do mistakes, Yet they are saints. Saints to the world, to everyone. How to beat them? Remember two things. Every dog has his day. And- God is watching. One may feel bullied around, but i feel it is better to strike them at the right time is better than digging your own grave. Wait and Watch. And once that watch is one, one must be vigilant, at the best opportunity—– fight with them ? NO Make peace with your heart first. My dear, its better to keep your heart clean. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, Gandhi said. If you put you foot in dung like people and behave like them, think revenge, you are the one who will get dirty. They have an ego. Does that mean, you keep one up your sleeve too? Life is too small, and the world is too round to fall prey to such flat thoughts and denying your self from meeting new beautiful people. The concept of time is beautiful for it’s quality that it is perennial. Never constant. Ever changing. Ever lasting.

Bad times, good times. They come and go. Make Love, not War. May all the missing hearts Rest in Peace. Don’t pity them. It’s no worth pitying the dead.

Smiles win hearts- so what if the feeling is not reciprocated. Just Smile.